Helping autistic children/teens reach their full potential

I’ll teach ways you can intentionally engage with your Autistic child to promote growth and becoming and independent thinker!  

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My methods

Three paths to explore:

1-1 Coaching support 

Online courses


Confident and intentional parenting

With online courses and masterclass.  I will guide you to promote growth during your parenting journey with your autistic child.  To create a more harmonious and peaceful lifestyle AND promote growth for your child!

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These popular individual classes are a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready to join the Intentional parenting Masterclass

Understanding behaviour

This class offers the insight to understanding behaviour and learn effective communication to support  your Autistic child.   With easy, action steps, to support a more peaceful and calm way in your home. 


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Communication development

These simple and intentional ways of communication designed by the RDI process  to give you tools to promote social and interpersonal skills needed in this ever changing world!


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This masterclass will help you learn more about my style of Intentional parenting based on the latest information and knowledge to support growth for your Autistic child and how to implement in daily routine.

This will include practical video examples, blogs, webinars etc. 

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Hi! I’m Nancy, a Relationship Development Consultant and Parent coach. I work with of parents Autistic child/teen/adult. I share knowledge, practical strategies on how to  understand better who their Autistic child is promote communication and learn how to engage daily to promote growth. To the individual and parent can live a life of power, presence, and purpose and create a life that works for the human we are all. 


More about me
Our family truly recommends Nancy Gillette as an RDI Consultant! 

We have been part of the RDI process for over two years, yet RDI and it's comprehensive learning modules have been invaluable to our understanding of Autism. But working with Nancy's approach towards our learning about the RDI method, it now allows us to connect with our son on a whole different level! We feel very blessed to have been part of the RDI Community and to be under Nancy's leadership role within this area of learning.

- T.M -


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